VT9sp: 2009 Super Production Rally Car

In 2009 Vermont SportsCar built and ran a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Super Production (SP) rally car, the VT9s, in the Rally America National Championship for driver Dave Mirra (#40), with co-driver Derek Ringer.

The SP class was recently created by Rally America to offer a compromise between the top-tier Open class and the more restrictive Production GT class.  This new category should prove to be the most hotly contested Rally America class championship.  Although much more restrictive than the Open Class, the  SP class allows several key modifications to Subaru WRX and/or STI model rally cars to make them more competitive overall compared to Rally America’s Production GT class. These include allowing the fitting of hydraulic handbrakes and more brake modifications compared to the PGT class. The SP class also features a larger turbo inlet restrictor than the PGT class, 34mm versus 32mm, allowing SP cars to produce more power.

Not only is an SP car more affordable and cheaper to run compared to the top-tier Open Class, but Subaru of America supports the class with a healthy contingency fund at each Rally America National Championship event, which now offers an amazing $7,000 cash prize for the top finishing SP class Subaru (rules and restrictions apply, for more information click here)

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Photography: Lars Gange - rally.subaru.com