Subaru Rally Display Program (SRDP)

“I have been in the Automobile business for over 15 years and have NEVER had as positive of an experience as this. As far as the effectiveness of the event from a sales perspective, we couldn’t be happier. We delivered more new and pre-owned Subaru’s in that weekend than we have in a very long time. I can’t stress how much morale it built for our sales staff which will definitely carry over the next several months, and I am CERTAIN about that. I have personally had numerous conversations with my staff and trust me, they are FIRED UP! I enjoyed looking out among the people that visited our store, and seeing the excitement in their faces as Nick went over the cars features and the different displays provided Subaru Rally Team USA….”

Jesse Strickland — Gerald Jones Subaru

“Needless to say, our event was a huge success. A success that can only be attributed to Nick’s presence. In our forty years of being a Subaru dealer I have never met a better ambassador for Subaru (and the Vermont SportsCar team). I feel very fortunate to have met him. With all of this said, if you ever have a dealer who cannot decide whether or not to use the show car for an event, have them call me. My advice will be to go for it. I know we plan to make this an annual event plus we are talking about attending a rally in the future.”

Forrie Spangler — Spangler Subaru

“This is the second time we have had Nick (and the show car display) in for an event. Each time has met beyond expectations. Nick and the displays are professionally representative of the Subaru brand, and the motorsports part of the brand. When the reason calls for utilizing Nick and Vermont SportsCar, we will again!”

Bart Schlosser — Tom Wood Subaru

“It was the biggest car show we’ve had in 5 years. Bringing the Subaru Rally Team car was definitely a great idea. We are looking forward to next year’s car show and hoping to have the Subaru Rally Team car on display again. Thank you for helping us make this car show totally awesome!”

Dmitriy Serykh — McLaughlin Subaru

“As always, the display was top notch. Nick has always been an excellent host and is a bit of a draw, himself. Attendees mention him and the display hand in hand. The new truck and trailer are a huge upgrade and provide a great environment to study Subaru’s contributions to the world of rally. We all look forward to having Vermont Sportscar and Subaru Rally Team USA at next year’s event. Thanks much for keeping the program alive and growing.  It’s great to know Subaru understands where the heart of their brand excitement lies!”

Shannon Marcott — Don Miller Subaru

“The Subaru Rally Team display became a main attraction at the 2nd Annual Hub City Hog Fest! Nick was great in taking time with each person who approached his display. After educating them on the Rally Team, he would lead them over to the Subaru vehicles we brought from the dealership and share the similarities. We had a lot of traffic and ended up selling several Crosstreks thanks to this event. Nick was a pleasure to work with!”

Leslie Bailey — Vic Bailey Subaru

“The Subaru Rally Car Display was a huge hit with all of our enthusiasts this past weekend. People are still calling in and emailing to let us know just how good of a time they had! Everyone was extremely impressed and had nothing but good things to say about Nick and the entire display.”

Chris Parks Annapolis Subaru

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Photography: Lars Gange -