American Rally Association National Championship

The American Rally Association National Championship is the leading rally series in the USA with everything from ice and snow in Michigan,  to super fast open stages in Oregon. A typical Championship event will last two days and feature over 250 miles of roads split up into competitive stages and transit sections. The competitive stages, or “special stages” are where the action lies; these are timed sprints on closed public roads that may vary from 5 to 30 miles in length. The lowest cumulative time at the end of the event determines the winner! Subaru Motorsports USA utilizes the Subaru WRX STI and prepares the cars to American Rally  Association “OPEN 4WD” class specifications. Fast yet strong, rally cars must survive hundreds of miles and several days of torture. As an additional challenge, all rally cars must be street legal, since they must traverse public roads with traffic between the competitive timed sections.  Rallying has been and will continue to be an ideal platform to prove the performance and reliability of the Subaru WRX STI and its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

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Photography: Lars Gange -