Early Entry Fee Credit

Subaru Entry Fee Discounts

Each national event organizer of the 2018 American Rally Association will make available a “Subaru Early Entry Fee” to the first ten (10) paid Subaru teams in the National and the first (ten) 10 paid Subaru entries in the concurrent Regional rally, should one exist.

The “Subaru Early Entry Fee” will be $500 below the event’s posted Early Entry Fee for a National entry, and $300 below the posted Early Entry Fee for a Regional entry. This entry fee credit is available to ANY class of Subaru.

The credit is handled entirely between the event organizer and the entering team. Teams shall receive the credit when they pay their entry to the event organizer.


  • The first 10 Subaru National entries, any class or model year, receive a $500 credit off the Event’s respective National Early Entry Fee at all 2018 ARA National level events.
  • The first 10 Subaru Regional entries, any class or model year, receive a $300 credit off the Regional Early Entry Fee at Regional ARA events which run concurrent to an ARA National event.  The entry fee discount does not apply to any stand-alone ARA Regional level rally events.
  • After an Event’s respective “Early Entry Deadline” passes there are no credits provided.  Each event organizer may dictate the terms and details of the entry deadlines.
  • The Event’s standard Early Entry Fee is dictated solely by the respective Event Organizer and this program will only reduce that fee by the above stated amounts for Subaru drivers. Event Organizers shall list this reduced fee as “The Subaru Early Entry Fee” or other mutually agreeable name.
  • The early entry fee credit is ONLY available at the rounds that comprise the 2018 American Rally Association National Championship.
  • Subaru drivers do NOT need to pre-register with Vermont SportsCar to receive this credit.  However, the participants’ contact information may be provided by the Event Organizers to Vermont SportsCar.

competitor does not start a USA based ARA national event in the 2017 the registrant forfeits any early entry credit earned at a Canadian round.



Q: What if an entrant drops out of the event and requires a refund?

A: Event Organizer refunds the entry fee, in accordance with the event’s own refund policy and may apply the applicable Entry credit to the 11th entered Subaru who paid an Early Entry fee, in the form of a check or credit card refund. This is at the discretion of the event organizer.

Q: What if an entrant receives the Early Entry Fee Credit but does not start the event in a Subaru? (such as a change of vehicle after initial registration)

A:  Event Scrutineers will be aware of which participants received the Subaru Early Entry Fee.  If a participant changes vehicles and is no longer entering the event with a Subaru he/she will be charged the difference in entry fees before being allowed to start the event.

Q: What if there are less than 10 Subaru entrants who receive the Subaru Early Entry Credit in either National or Regional?

A: Unused credits will not be transferred or utilized.

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Photography: Lars Gange - rally.subaru.com