FC1-X EV Rallycross Car

FC1-X EV Rallycross Car

The FC1-X is a ground-breaking new car with extraordinary performance abilities, making it one of the most spectacular race cars on earth. Created by First Corner, LLC, in collaboration with QEV Technologies and Nitrocross, the FC1-X delivers the electric equivalent of 1,070 peak horsepower (800 kW) and accelerates from 0-60 in just 1.4 seconds, launching faster off the line than an F1 car.

In the 2022 – 23 Nitrocross season, VSC prepped and ran two cars under the Group E Team banner, with Travis Pastrana and Conner Martell driving. The FC1-X features adjustable aerodynamics, regenerative braking, and over thirteen inches of suspension travel provided by the R53 dampers. This car is the fastest ever seen in the history of rallycross.

The FC1-X Features:

  • 1,000+ peak horsepower
  • 0 – 60 in 1.5 seconds
  • Up to 3G acceleration 
  • AWD
  • Designed for dirt, tarmac and jumps


  • Magelec Propulsion
  • (2) M21H5-D Front Motors
  • (2) M21H5-D Rear Motors
  • Max Nm is limited to 1030Nm
  • Max Kw is limited to 782kw
  • Max Speed – 12,500 RPM


  • Magelec Propulsion
  • New SiC Model N40S6 – 99% efficiency
  • DC Voltage – Operating 100 -900 VDC
  • DC Over voltage Trip – Over 900 VDC
  • Motor Current Peak 400 Arms
  • Inverter Weight – Less than 5 kilo

Battery System

  • QEV custom battery pack using  Newattek battery cells
  • Max. voltage – 872 V
  • Capacity – 51Kwh
  • Max. discharge power – 800+kW
  • Min. voltage – 672 V
  • Extremely safe casing in-line  with FIA regulations
  • More than 200 charge cycles
  • Charging power up to 150kW
  • Fully charged in less than 25min  (100kW charging power)

Charging System

  • CCS2
  • DC plug to connect to the car


  • Electric power-assisted steering


  • FIA carbon seats w/6pt harness
  • Adjustable steering wheel with 4in  color screen
  • Carbon composite dashboard and  middle panels
  • 12in color screen with driver info

Body / Aero

  • Exterior design is fixed for all teams, however official Manufacturer entries may propose and utilize a custom body to match manufacturer OE body.

Wheel / Tire Setup

  • 19x11inch Rotiform wheels // 280-705 R19  custom rallycross tires

Braking System

  • Standing pedal box with front/rear  master cylinders
  • Hydraulic handbrake
  • Front brakes: 6-piston calipers with  355mm x 32mm steel brake discs
  • Rear brakes: 4-piston calipers with  355mm x 32mm steel brake discs


  • Front and rear double wishbone made  in high-grade steel
  • 300mm wheel travel
  • Coilover dampers height adjustable  with 230mm of damper travel
  • Adjustable front and rear anti roll bars

Transmission / Sadev

  • Rear transmission / 3-speed  sequential transmission
  • Hydraulic paddle gear-shifting
Conner Martell FC1X NX Utah 23 scaled

Vermont SportsCar FC1X NX Program 23 scaled

FC1X Wing Detail scaled

Travis Pastrana FC1X NX Utah 23 scaled

Travis Pastrana FC1X Glen Helen 22 scaled

Conner Martell FC1X Interior scaled

Travis Pastrana FC1X Sideways Snow Jump scaled

Conner Martell FC1X Rear Spray scaled

Ken Block FC1X Tribute Livery scaled

FC1X Rear Detail scaled