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Engineering & Development

At Vermont SportsCar we practice high performance, motorsport-grade bespoke engineering.

Transmission Schematic Subaru VSC
VSC Made In America
2020 Subaru Gymkhana Chassis
2020 Gymkhana Subaru Shell
Subaru Roll Cage Fabrication

Podium Proven

While we are first and foremost race car and race engine designers and manufacturers, we have evolved into a world class engineering firm whose skills and knowledge have been honed at the race track.

With the ability to design, prototype and test in-house, Vermont SportsCar offers turn-key design, manufacturer and testing of world class race cars and specialty vehicles.

Engineering Expertise

Chassis Engineering

Body Design

Electrical Engineering


Powertrain engineering

Aftermarket performance parts testing & development

MSP10151 c
VSC Corkscrew Weldment Drawing
VSC Bracket Drawing
20R Switch Panel 3D Print c
MSP19974 c
VSC Composite Shop Detail
Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid VSC
VSC Fabrication Detail
Carbon Fiber Light Pod Detail

Engineering Capabilities

CAD design

3D printing

Custom fabrication

Electronic Control Systems

Design and manufacture of carbon-composites

Bespoke race car design, assembly and testing.

Engine Development

The Engine Department at Vermont Sportscar provides engines and support for Subaru Motorsport USA rally and rallycross cars as well as special projects such as hillclimbs or films.  The team completes CAD design, assembly and calibration in house with ongoing R&D.  From production based to fully bespoke, world-class design, our network of high grade motorsport suppliers and build quality processes are used to produce our competition engines.

VSC Engine Detail
VSC Engine Shop Work
VSC Engine Intake Manifold Detail
VSC Engine Shop Detail
VSC Engine Program Timing Cover
VSC Billet EJ Block