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For spectating and volunteering information please check individual event websites. For the most current competition schedule, driver roster, and live updates visit Subaru Motorsports USA on Facebook, Instagram @subarumotorsportsusa, and TikTok @subarumotorsportsusa. For Nitrocross Group E coverage and other Vermont SportsCar events, visit Instagram @Vermont.SportsCar or Facebook.


Oregon Trail Rally
Portland & Dufur, OR & Goldendale, WA


The Oregon Trail Rally kicks off at Portland International Raceway, offering a spectator-friendly environment. The rally then moves to the challenging hills near Goldendale, Washington. Day 2 features tarmac stages on the historic Maryhill Loops Road, known for its exciting corners and elevation changes. On Sunday, the rally crosses the Columbia River into the plains of Dufur, Oregon, with flowing roads and a river crossing at race pace. The Boyd Jump adds an exhilarating element, allowing drivers to fly over 120ft.

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Wicked Big Meet
Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford, CT


The Subaru Wicked Big Meet is an annual gathering of Subaru enthusiasts from all over the country. It’s one of the largest Subaru enthusiast events in the United States, drawing thousands of attendees each year. The event features car shows, vendor booths, and activities for Subaru lovers of all ages. Attendees can check out a wide variety of Subarus, from classic models to heavily modified ones. The Wicked Big Meet also includes autocross and rallycross events, as well as seminars and workshops. It’s a must-visit event for anyone passionate about Subaru vehicles and the community surrounding them.

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Southern Ohio Forest Rally
Chillicothe, Ohio

6/6 – 6/8/24

Ohio has been a host to American national championship stage rally events on 19 occasions from 1973 to 1996. In 2017, the Southern Ohio Forest Rally gained national prominence by reintroducing stages from previous Ohio events. The rally expanded further in 2018 with the inclusion of Tar Hollow State Park, and in 2019, Shawnee State Forest was added in collaboration with the Ohio Forestry Department. Additionally, a teaser of the City Park stage in downtown Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park was brought back with the help of the City of Chillicothe.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed Goodwood Estate, West Sussex, UK


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the most prestigious and exhilarating events in the motorsport calendar. This four-day festival celebrates the rich history of motorsport and showcases some of the world’s most iconic racing cars and motorcycles. Attendees can witness thrilling hill climbs, breathtaking displays of speed, and legendary vehicles in action. From classic cars to cutting-edge supercars, the Festival of Speed offers something for every motorsport enthusiast. With its unique atmosphere, stunning scenery, and unrivaled access to automotive excellence, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a must-visit event for any racing fan.

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York Fairgrounds – York, PA


Boxerfest is an annual gathering that celebrates Subaru’s enthusiast community. Attendees can expect to see a wide array of Subarus, from classic models to heavily modified ones, showcasing the versatility and performance of the boxer engine. Boxerfest features car shows, vendor booths, and activities for enthusiasts of all ages. Additionally, there are autocross events, as well as seminars and workshops covering various aspects of Subaru ownership and performance. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Subaru fans to connect, share their passion, and immerse themselves in the Subaru community.


Ojibwe Forests Rally
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

8/23 – 8/24/24

Competitors in the fast-paced Ojibwe rally face challenging conditions, including narrow ATV access roads with rocks and ruts. The rally features the iconic Red Bull jump, located at a crossroads between straight and twisting sections of the stage road. Day 2 concludes with a fan-favorite street stage in Detroit Lakes, near Soo Pass and the town’s namesake lake. Bravery and skill are essential to conquer the jump and navigate the rally’s demanding terrain.

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Midwest Joliet, Illinois


Ultimate gathering for Subaru enthusiasts, showcasing the best of Subaru culture and community. This event brings together Subaru owners and fans from across the Midwest region for a weekend of fun and excitement. Attendees can expect a variety of activities including car shows, autocross and motorsport demos. With food trucks, vendor booths, and plenty of Subaru-themed merchandise, Subaru Fest Midwest offers something for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast or just love the Subaru brand. It’s a celebration of all things Subaru and a chance to connect with fellow fans in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

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Overmountain Rally Tennessee
Johnson City, Tennessee

9/14 – 9/15/24

The Overmountain Rally in Johnson City, TN will be officially recognized by the American Rally Association in 2024. Participants can expect challenging gravel trails in the Cherokee National Forest. Get ready for an exciting racing experience!



Velocity International Sonoma, California


Velocity International is a premier automotive event held annually in Sonoma, California, bringing together car enthusiasts from around the world. Set against the stunning backdrop of Sonoma Raceway, this event showcases a diverse array of high-performance vehicles, from classic cars to cutting-edge supercars. Attendees can enjoy thrilling track sessions, adrenaline-pumping races, and exclusive access to some of the most prestigious automotive brands. With VIP experiences, interactive exhibits, and opportunities to meet industry experts and drivers, Velocity International offers an unforgettable experience for automotive enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned petrolhead or just appreciate the beauty of finely crafted automobiles, Velocity International promises excitement at every turn.

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Florida Daytona International Speedway


Subaru Fest Florida is the ultimate gathering for Subaru enthusiasts in the Sunshine State, offering a weekend of excitement and camaraderie. This event brings together Subaru owners and fans from all over Florida to celebrate their love for the brand. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just love the Subaru lifestyle, Subaru Fest Florida is the perfect place to connect with fellow fans and celebrate everything Subaru.

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Lake Superior Performance Rally
Marquette, Michigan

10/11 – 10/12/24

LSPR is the final event of the rally season, held in October in Marquette, Michigan. It is well-known worldwide and features a stage at Marquette Mountain Resort, allowing fans to be close to the action. The rally’s weather is unpredictable, with the potential for sunshine, rain, and snow.


Texas Dallas, Texas


Subaru Fest Texas is the premier event for Subaru enthusiasts in the Lone Star State, bringing together Subaru owners and fans from all over Texas. This exciting event offers a weekend filled with activities, including car shows, autocross and motorsport demos. Attendees can connect with fellow Subaru enthusiasts. Subaru Fest Texas celebrates the camaraderie that defines the Subaru community, making it a must-attend event for any Subaru lover in Texas. Whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast or simply appreciate the Subaru lifestyle, Subaru Fest Texas has something for everyone to enjoy.

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