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Vermont SportsCar specializes in the bespoke design and manufacture of world class competition cars, the management of elite motorsports teams and the continual pursuit of technological innovation.

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Gymkhana 2020 Plane Drift

Cars & Projects

The design and engineering of ultra high performance competition rally and rallycross cars is at the heart of everything we do. Tailored for speed, built by hand, and finished with precision, these vehicles are the pinnacle of racing technology. 

Special project cars are custom built on demand for stunt projects, the film industry or private drivers. 

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Nitro Rallycross Subaru Triple Podium

Subaru Motorsports USA

Subaru Motorsports USA is the competition arm of Subaru, with a mission of testing and proving the capabilities of Subaru vehicles in stage rally, rallycross, record attempts and beyond. Vermont SportsCar is the motorsports technical partner of Subaru of America, fabricating and prepping rally and rallycross vehicles and managing their team sponsors and athletes.

Pastrana Leads the Way ERX Rallycross

VSC Performance

Born from our passion for rally and our racing heritage, VSC Performance is the extension of years of research, prototyping and real world race experience. 

For the first time we are crafting a line of high performance aftermarket products, available in curated collections and released in small batches. These limited product releases feature the same attention to detail and quality craftsmanship we pour into our championship winning race cars.

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VSC Performance Pitch Stop Mounts
VSC Performance Oil Cap Engine Bay
VSC Performance STI Ice Drift
Vermont SportsCar Main Shop


Vermont SportsCar operates out of a state-of-the-art, 75,000 square foot solar-powered facility in the green mountains of Vermont. With in-house engineering, fabricating, and testing capabilities, along with team management, corporate and marketing functions, the Vermont SportsCar facility is a hub combining technology, efficiency and motorsports passion.

Engineering & Development

The classic rally adage “To finish first, first you must finish”  guides the engineering division as they continually innovate to create lighter, harder, and stronger technology, all building towards one goal: be the fastest.

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Launch Control Logo
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Subaru Launch Control BTS
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Original Content

Subaru Launch Control is an award-winning web series providing unprecedented access to the team, shot in a behind the scenes documentary style. It showcases the amazing highs, incredible lows and intense challenges the team faces throughout the season.

Now in its ninth season, Launch Control is available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, mobile apps and other streaming media.

News & Events

Subaru Motorsports USA Takes 1st, 2nd at Sno*Drift Rally
Subaru Motorsports USA Takes 1st, 2nd at Sno*Drift Rally

Semenuk, Pastrana set the pace for the season at ARA’s first event of 2024. Atlanta, MI  – The Subaru Motorsports USA double-champion team of driver Brandon Semenuk and co-driver Keaton Williams took its first step towards a three-peat, winning the 2024 Sno*Drift Rally, with extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana placing a strong second in his return […]

Chinook Winds Wreak Havoc at Round 8 of Nitrocross Calgary
Chinook Winds Wreak Havoc at Round 8 of Nitrocross Calgary

Vermont SportsCar’s trip north of the border for Nitrocross’ annual round in Calgary was an unusual affair with warm weather forcing a number of changes to the event. Chinook winds, which are blasts of warm air coming in off the mountains to the west, raised temperatures to the mid 50s Fahrenheit on Friday and Saturday. […]

The 2024 ARA Season Kicks Off with an Icy Bang at Sno*Drift
The 2024 ARA Season Kicks Off with an Icy Bang at Sno*Drift

Atlanta, MI  – Subaru Motorsports USA is back in U.S. rally racing action as the 2024 American Rally Association (ARA) Championship season begins February 9-10 with the Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan. The 2024 season is among the most highly anticipated ever: Driver Brandon Semenuk and co-driver Keaton Williams return to seek a third consecutive ARA title, […]