Betty: VT11x RallyCross Supercar

In 2012, vert skateboarding superstar Bucky Lasek joined the Subaru Rally Team USA to compete in that year’s Global Rallycross Championship. He did so in a VSC prepared Subaru WRX STI Rallycross supercar he affectionately named “Betty.”  

Betty carried Bucky to several podium finishes including a silver medal at the 2014 X Games. Betty sports one of the all time fan-favorite liveries: a fluorescent orange “zombie-cat” take on the Puma logo. 

In 2023 car and driver were reunited when Lance Smith gifted the car to a flabbergasted Bucky while he was at VSC filming for an episode of his Youtube series “Buck Yeah.” 

Betty and Bucky can currently be seen hooning it up at Subiefests around the country.

  • Chassis:
    • 2008-2014 Subaru STI Shell
    • FIA Approved Roll Cage(Custom Cages)
    • MSA UK  Certificate
  • Engine:
    • VSC 2015 RX 2.0L Motorsport  Engine
    • Precision Turbo “WRC 5358” 45mm Restrictor
    • PWR Front Mounted Full Width Intercooler w/ Spal Cooling Fan
    • Cosworth Inlet Manifold with Modified TGV
    • Dynamics ID2000 Injectors
    • Inconel  Exhaust Manifold
    • Lightweight 321 Slip Fit Dog Fab Exhaust w/ Twin HJC Motorsport  Cats
    • VSC ALS Fresh air System
    • Tilton Custom Weighted Flywheel
    • PWR Rear Mounted Radiator
    • Twin Ducted Spal Cooling Fans
    • Auto-Verdi Dry Sump Pump
    • Peterson Dry Sump Tank
  • Electronics:
    • Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU
    • Motec PDM 32
    • VSC Switch Panel (Analog)
    • GEMS CD25 Driver Display
    • GEMS DB1 Logger
    • MAC Twin Solenoid Boost Control System
    • Sadev Gear Indicator
    • PRS Custom Motorsport Wiring Loom
    • KA Sensors
  • Drivetrain:
    • Sadev SL90 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox
    • Sadev Center Release Unit
    • Sadev Rear Differential
    • Tilton 7.5” Triple Disc Carbon Clutch
    • Sadev and RCV Driveshafts
  • Brake System:
    • AP Racing Front 6 Pot Calipers 
    • AP Racing Rear 4 Pot Calipers
    • AP Racing Front 355mm 2-piece Floating Discs with Alloy Bells
    • AP Racing Rear 330mm 2 piece Floating Discs with Alloy Bells
    • Endless  Brake pads
    • VSC  Hydraulic Handbrake w/ AP Cylinder
    • Tilton Floor Mount Pedal Box w/ AP Cylinders
  • Fuel System:
    • Twin Bosch  Main Pumps (044)
    • Four  Lift Pumps
    • Adjustable FPR up to 10 Bar
  • Steering:
    • STI Hydraulic Steering rack
    • 1.5:1 Steering Quickener
    • Reverie  330 Carbon Steering wheel
    • OMP Quick Release
  • Suspension
    • Rieger VSC Spec RX Dampers
    • Raised Turrets
    • Tubular Crossmembers
    • Aurora Bearing Suspension Joints
    • WRC Fabricated HSS Front Uprights
    • Billet Aluminum Tibuc Rear Uprights
    • Speedway Front Roll Bar 
    • WRC Rear Roll Bar
  • Wheels/Tires:
    • Fifteen52 Super Touring 
    • Tires: Continental Extreme Contact Sport OZ
  • Body:
    • Twintex Front Bumper
    • Fabricated VSC Front Push Bar
    • Twintex Wide Body Fenders
    • Twintex Side Sills
    • Lightened Front Doors w/Carbon Reinforced Door Cards 
    • Carbon/Kevlar Rear Door Skins
    • Carbon/Kevlar Wide Body Over Quarters
    • P4P 5mm Polycarbonate Windows
  • Protection:
    • Aluminum Sump Guard
    • HDPE Front Arch Liners
    • Twintex Rear Arch Liners
    • Alloy Rear Diff Guard
    • Alloy Rear Cat Guard
    • Cast Polyurethane Mud flaps
  • Safety Equipment:
    • Schroth Hans Belts
    • Spa Firesense In-Car Fire System 
    • Recaro SPA Pro Hans
    • FIA Approved Rain Light
    • Simpson Racing Window & Seat Containment Nets
    • Recaro Profi SPG passenger seat

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