DUG 8239 SOLD 1


VT14r – 2014 Open Class Rally Car

Built new for the 2014 rally season for Travis Pastrana and last used as a fully factory supported car by Travis in 2015, this is the very last Vermont SportsCar  built hatchback style Open Class car that conforms to all current American Rally  Association technical regulations. The car has undergone a component fresh  rebuild through 2020, with a last bare shell rebuild in 2017. Many major  components are now set on zero mileage. 

A comprehensive spares package including bodywork is available by negotiation  at additional cost. The car is finished in plain white but can be supplied at cost wrapped in any graphics design. This car is still a very competitive car in the ARA and is built to the same highly renowned standards as any car from the Vermont SportsCar stable. 

This car has been sold but to inquire about other vehicles that may be for sale please contact:

Simon Robison // Motorsport Sales // Customer Liaison // Vermont SportsCar srobison@vtcar.com

2008-2014 Subaru STI Shell
FIA Approved Roll Cage
MSK UK Certificate

Twin Belt WRC 2.0L GT Motorsports (300 miles)
Precision Turbo “WRC 5358” w/34mm Restrictor (300 miles)
Inconel Exhaust Manifold
Lightweight 321 Slip Fit Exhaust w/ Cat
TIAL Wastegate (0 miles from rebuild)
ALS System (ARA Compliant)
Tilton Light Weight Flywheel

Cosworth Pectel SQ12M
Cosworth DB1 Logger
OBR Driver and Codriver Membrane Switch Panels (MSP)
GEMS LDS3 Driver Display
GEMS LDS3 Codriver Display
GEMS DA3 Logger
Shiftec Wastegate Controller
Viair Compressor (used)

Sadev 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox (0 miles from rebuild)
Sadev Center Release Unit (0 miles from rebuild)
Sadev Rear Differential (0 miles from rebuild)
Tilton Multi Disc Carbon Clutch (0 miles from reshim)
Sadev and RCV Driveshafts (0 miles from rebuild)

Brake System
AP Racing Front & Rear Calipers (4 pot, 0 miles from rebuild)
AP Racing Two-Piece Discs (new)
Endless ME20 Brake Pads (new)
VSC Hydraulic Handbrake
Tilton Floor-Mount Pedal Box (0 miles from rebuild)

Fuel System
Twin Bosch 8-Bar Main Pumps (in parallel, new)
Four Bosch Lift Pumps (new)
80-Liter ATL Custom Fuel Cell (certified through 9/2021)

2015+ STI Steering Rack (new)
1.5:1 Steering Quickener (new)
Reverie Rally 330 Carbon Steering Wheel

Reiger VSC Spec Gravel Dampers (0 miles since rebuild)
Raised Strut Towers
Tubular Crossmembers
Aurora Bearing Suspension Joints (0 miles since rebuild)
VSC Spec Subaru Uprights
VSC Light Weight Wheel Bearings (new)
WRC Rear Roll Bar

Method Racing ET15 VSC Spec Wheels
Yokohama Medium Gravel Tires
Provisions for Two Spares

Twintex Front Bumper
Twintex Wide Body Fenders
Lightened Front Doors (with Honeycomb)
Composite Rear Doors
Carbon Kevlar Rear Quarters
REM Heated Windscreen

Carbon Fiber Floor Guards
Composite/Aluminum Sump Guard
Stainless Steel Fuel Cell Guards
Stainless Steel Rear Diff Guard (w/ LDPE Horizontal Flaps)
Twintex Arch Liners
Cast Polyurethane Mudflaps

Safety Equipment
Schroth Hans Belts (new, certified through 2025)
FEV In-Car Fire System (FX G-TEC 1700, certified through 2022)
Handheld Fire Bottle (certified through 2022)
Recaro SPA Pro HANS (new, certified through 2025, FIA Standard 8855-1999)

Peltor FMT200

DTC 5005 c
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 11
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 10
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 8
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 4
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 6
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 7
DUF 9699 c
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 13
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 12
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 3
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 2
2014 VT14R Open Class Rally 1